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360 Virtual Tours...This service is curently unavailable.


At Commercial Property Ltd we have been so impressed with the new 360 virtual photography concept when applied our own properties that we are promoting a service to other property owners and agents.
360 Virtual tours are a superb marketing tool and in our experience far more interactive and informative to the viewer than slide shows or videos.
The 360 virtual tour is able to give a 100% visual tour of the interior or offices, rooms or exterior views of a building and it’s immediate location, allowing the viewer full control to see any area they wish at whatever pace they like, and the possibility to zoom in for a closer look. Slide shows and video can’t deliver this level of interactivity.  The 360 panoramic image is the closest thing to “being there” to date.
When linked together 360 panoramic images create virtual tours which enable viewers to navigate around a building intuitively entering areas and going through doors they wish to see in relation to the room they are viewing,  thus giving a realistic feel of a building’s lay out. Also, when the viewer wishes to go to a specific area or room, a selection can be made from the Index Panel and at the click of a mouse can be taken there.
Even visitors who have viewed a building in person say how valuable the 360 Tour is to study afterwards as the eye misses so much detail when walking around a building.  Also it is so wonderful to have on screen when discussing with colleagues, agents and the like, together or anywhere in the world. 
As a marketing tool the 360 Tour can be just a view of the front of a building with the main office or warehouse areas, or what we call a Full Tour which has a 360 panoramic image of every room, office and space in the building thus becoming much more than a marketing tool, it is now a building inventory, a record of condition and  gives all the people involved in managing the site the ability to view and study the entire building without having to visit.
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