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Commercial Property Ltd offer a range of alarm systems for empty and delapidated property, work sites and yards even where there is no power source. All the systems are linked to a monitoring site which will connect with your site manager / security manager or Police as required.

Our remote video alarms transmit a small video clip of the intruders by phone to a monitor service and also to your site manager who then has the opportunity to identify the intruders entering the property. If, as is many times the case, the intruders are known to your manger and have a reason to enter they can decide whether a visit to the propery is necessary, thus saving a call out charge.
If you would like more information on these Security Alarm Solutions or wish to discuss your specific requirements please Contact us.

Security Video Clips

Main Advantages of video system
Portable - cost-effective alternative to CCTV
Rapid deployment
No mains power or phone line required
Up to 4 years battery life
Quick to install
Gives visual verification of intrusion
Reduces false alarms and call out charges

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